About us

DSC_2964Noé is a great lover of Nature and Fauna, it was 8 years ago, after having worked 10 years in the field of wildlife, when he began his career as an entrepreneur, creating the Equestrian ark. 5 years ago founded the ArcaNatura Association, with the vocation of being able to bring together all possible actions at the level of Nature and Personal Well-being.

He always walks through life with his eyes wide open, paying attention to what nature and fauna are expressing.

He is a wildlife technician, canine educator (certified by ANACPE) and equine educator (certified by the IDEA Institute), EAGALA certified as an equine professional and is currently also training in transformational coaching.

Their vocation is to be understood with the animals and to transmit to the people their capacity so that they can also do it.

We nourish ourselves from the environment. We take advantage of all the resources that life offers us to transmit our philosophy: To love nature and those around us to be happier every day.