socialitzacióDogs are gregarious animals by nature, that is, they are animals that, in nature, live in groups, always with the company of their peers. Therefore, they are animals that, by instinct, need the contact with other dogs to have fun, to communicate and to establish affective relations.

At the time the human domesticated the dog, his quality of life improved in some respects, but impoverished in some others. Today, above all, the quality of their social life and their physical activity is affected. Often owners are afraid that our dogs will relate to others, in case they fight, and this becomes a bad experience, both for them and for us. Without realizing it, this becomes a detriment to our dogs, since they need this socialization as it happens to us.

Many times the problem is that we do not understand their language and we make misinterpretations when our dog encounters another, assuming that they want to fight when they are simply excited by the excitement of meeting a new friend.

Asking for advice from an expert who can help us regain confidence in our dog’s socialization is a benefit to him and to us as well, since the emotional well-being we can experience in having a happier dog is inexplicable.


We do socialization workshops to help dog owners make it easier for them to establish friendships and interact naturally.

The workshops are held in small groups and individual sessions are also held in the environment in which the dog normally lives and walks.

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