Training in basic orders

IMG_0070The quality of life of dogs and their owners can improve greatly if their coexistence improves. And coexistence in a house with dogs can be very good if everyone is clear about the rules and complies with them.

We do sessions aimed at you to learn to ask your dog what he should do at home moment, especially the most important things so that he can live with well-being: to be still, not to enter the house if it is to be on the roof , To go to bed, to sit, not to ask for food on the table … in short, all those things that dogs do because it is typical of their nature but that both bother the owners. They are dog stuff ….

• Basic orders: to teach our dog to sit, to give the leg, to be quiet

• Coexistence at home: eat when we say it, be in its place

• Education in the street: do not go out on the street running, walk together, stand at the traffic light, do not stretch …

This training is preferably given at home so that what the dog learns is what he needs to know where he lives. They are also done in our center and in small groups.

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