DSC_0057As with the education of children, with the puppies we must rely on affection and limits, always educating our dog in positive.

We can help you teach your puppy everything you need to know to become your best friend. That is, we will teach you and your house what you need to be able to turn the little four-legged into one more of your family.

The education of a puppy is important and, if children are at home, it can be transformed into a very pedagogical tool for the acquisition of responsibilities, for the learning of values ​​and for the personal maturity of the little ones at home .

We work in different ways, depending on the objective we want to achieve:

• Individual sessions, with the puppy and family members, to work the bond and basic training

• Group sessions of different puppies (and owners) to work the socialization

• Sessions at home, to teach the habits that the dog should have where he lives

• “Training” sessions in open surroundings: outings to the street to acquire good habits during the walk, and to encourage, through the link with him, the personal safety of our dog in the face of new situations.


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