Understanding our dog is the basis of a good relationship.

DSC_2875As Victor Hugo said, “it is very sad to see that nature speaks to us while we do not listen.” This same quote we can apply to our relationship with dogs. Many times we are talking about many things that feel and think but we do not listen or do not know how to interpret and understand what they want to tell us.

This is the barrier that we have to cross to be able to have a good relationship with them. Only by knowing their ethology can we treat them according to their needs and enjoy a healthy relationship.

Our mission is to create sensitivities in humans that can contribute to the mental health of our dogs, providing the necessary knowledge to be able to treat them as they need and to be able to fulfill that saying that “the dog is the best Friend of man “.

For us, canine education is based on facilitating people to learn how to educate their dogs, not on what we do, but our intervention is based on training the dog owner. The bond that establishes a dog with its owner is the basis of mutual welfare, that is why we make this relationship of trust the pillar of educational intervention.