The human being is an element within the natural environment in which we live. All the elements of a system as complex as life are interconnected and in tune with one another.

Over the years, however, as a result of industrialization, people have moved away from the countryside and nature, forgetting our most instinctive and natural essence, which is part of us and with which we should constantly connect Be able to be in balance with our environment.

The educational programs we develop from the ArcaNatura Association are designed to make nature and the environment integrated into the educational processes of our children, because the contact and knowledge of the natural environment that surrounds us is part of their development. The goal is always to keep in mind that they are an important part of the life system and develop values ​​aimed at respecting and preserving the natural environment.

We offer guided outings to know the fauna and flora that surrounds us, activities and workshops of contact and knowledge of the environment:

– for groups of schoolchildren with children’s cycle and initial cycle

– for groups with special educational needs

– for groups of families

Nature is part of us and we are part of nature. Having it present helps us to be in balance with our origins.

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