New attitudes

Contact with nature is basic to finding personal balance. Our being is configured from the ralacions we establish with our environment, both socially and environmentally.

The human being, besides many other things, is an animal. He has the ability to think and communicate with others, but he is still an animal. Our most animalistic part, instinctive and intuitive, is often hidden by social pressure: what is right, what is not right, what is well seen, what is expected of us, what we expect from others … The fact of observing, hearing, touching, feeling the nature that surrounds us is an experience that makes it easier for us to find ourselves with this animal part, and it helps us to feel good, because it is a part that defines us and conditions us but many times we are not aware Because we do not let it flow.

We work to awaken these instincts in the big and small, to contribute to personal well-being and also to the sensitivity to the environment that surrounds us.