At the moment the headquarters of the Association ArcaNatura is the Equestrian one of the Ark, that is in Alcoletge, very close to Lleida and well communicated by the highway N-II.

In the Hípica is where we realized the activities of therapy with horses and personal growth with horses, the activities of environmental education for students and groups and also the formative activities.

Our facilities are versatile and offer many possibilities: we have indoor and outdoor spaces in which to carry out activities: two riding tracks, a round dressage track, interior tables, exterior tables, a multipurpose enclosed space of 200 square meters, a lockarnes with Showers for horses and dressing rooms and bathrooms, a social room as a dining room and a warehouse. We are always open to collaborate with entities and professionals who may want to make use of our facilities, in order to establish synergies and enrich us with mutual knowledge.

Our work philosophy focuses on the welfare of everyone involved in the sessions, so our horses live abroad, have space to be able to eat grass and relate to each other, so that they are psychologically in optimal conditions of life and, In this way, they find it enjoyable to do their work.





The surroundings of the Horse Riding are natural and calm, you can see even the mountains of the Leridano pre-Pyrenees. Throughout the year it is possible to be able to catch the cavis that the nature experiences and it gives us, since very close, leaving of walk, we can find olive trees, fruit trees, irrigated crops, grazing animals and streams. Without a doubt an environment with many educational and therapeutic possibilities.






Our facilities are adapted to carry out activities for people with disabilities: we have a ramp to access the horse, paved to be able to access with a wheelchair, and also all the equipment for horses and riders is arranged in a way that is accessible and allows That everyone can have as much autonomy as possible in preparing horses and activities.



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