Horses & New year!

IMG_0263What purposes have you made for this new year 2015 that we have just released?

If you have done any of these … we can help you make it possible!

– Knowing me better to be better with others: We do coaching and emotional education sessions with horses to help you to lead your life better…. You no longer have an excuse!

– Spend more time with my kids: We do activities with horses and ponies for families, regardless of their ages, designed to strengthen links….Having fun!

– Do sport: Contact with horses is a healthy physical activity, whether you want to ride them or if only the flights know and know how to treat them from their height … you will see how much energy you can give and take!

– Be more positive: The relationship with the horses will help you acquire strategies to act with confidence and thinking that everything is possible if you are present …. everything is in your hands, here and now!

– Make healthy living: Nature gives us everything we need to be good inside and out. Leave the city and spend the countryside will revitalize you so much or more than going to a spa! You dare?

– Enjoy life more without a hurry: Being with the horses you will learn that no reason to run…. In fact, they like it when we do things calmly, because they are calm with us. Do not you think the same thing happens to people?

– Take more of my dogCan you have a better friend? Would you like it to understand it better to be happy with you Do you want to be happy with your dog? We teach you …. it’s easier than you think!

Come on, what are you waiting for? It’s already January 2!

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