Horses & Coaching


– On Sunday, May 18, 2014 we have done a coaching day with horses for a lovely group of future coaches. Experience has given them a new dimension in their personal growth process and also a different vision of what teamwork is all about.

Coaching with horses is a very powerful tool to improve relationship dynamics between team members or a group, as the horse becomes a clear reflection of the way the actions are being managed. It facilitates communication, dialogue and decision-making. It also applies to children …. Do you encourage them?


Horses & Family


Activities with family horses are fun and educational, and can help improve the bond and relationships between siblings, cousins, parents, children … .And grandparents if necessary!

Marc, Adrià, Edgar and Ingrid had a great time with the Indian on Saturday! We only needed parents to participate … ..

You dare?


Horses & Babies




On Sunday, April 12, we conducted a sensory stimulation activity for 7 babies between 3 and 6 months.
The exchange of good energies between them, their parents and the Indian gave as a result that we were all relaxed, happy and enjoying an intense and pleasant emotional experience …. No one cried!